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In 2014, I was leaning over the kitchen sink looking back at my reflection in the kitchen window. I was stuffing a cake pop in my mouth while my oldest was at Kindergarten and my 4.5, 2.5 and 4 month old were playing around my feet on the kitchen floor. It was 2pm and the cake pop was the first thing I had eaten all day. I washed it down with my 6th cup of coffee, which had kept me going all morning. I could feel my love handles hanging over my pre-baby jeans that I was forcing myself to wear. I had no energy, the kids needed me for another 6 hours and I was already gassed for the day. Staring back at my reflection, I knew I had to make a change in the way I was showing up for myself. I needed to do it for me first and foremost, but I also knew my 4 kids and my husband were not getting the best version of me either.

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One week later, I was pushing play to start a 10-week workout program from the basement of my own home that HAD to be the solution for me. I had to make this work, even though I said I would never work out at home and had a huge love for group fitness classes. Ten weeks and 25 lbs later, I was hooked. The commute to my basement is just what I needed with 4 small kids at home. My results were speaking for themselves and my “group fitness” was now connecting with other moms in my local area and introducing them to the solutions that were working for me, opposed to being one of the class participants at a gym. A fire had been lit within me, not only because my own journey gave me results and higher energy, but because I could also help another mom feel better and serve the ones she loved too.

The demands from other women in my local area started to grow, especially as my results continued to progress. I had limiting beliefs I could actually launch a real business and raise 4 kids at home; so I started to pray. God was so clear in His answer -----> He wanted me to raise the children He gave me AND help other women on their own journey. He equips the unqualified and I am proof of that. I had less than 200 friends on Facebook, less than 50 followers on Instagram, and had never even watched a youtube video back in 2014. I did not have a marketing background, never posted on social media, had so many questions about representing a multi-level marketing company, and very little time with four kids under the age of 6. I decided to let go of all the reasons why I could not build a business and embrace the reasons why I COULD. I had a passion and I was willing to do the work. I had a desire to help the woman who was like me reacting to her environment instead of taking charge of it. I wanted to use my gifts of encouragement and leadership in a way that built legacy and wealth for my family, outside of being a mom.

So on July 7, 2014, Faithfully Fit was born to fulfill a dream of abundance, service to my family, and obedience to where God was calling me to lead. Nine years later, Faithfully Fit has over 1000 women working on their own health journey and many who have created opportunities in their own lives by building a business from home. Every day, I have the privilege of being surrounded by a group of women who believe in living in their joy, pursuing their passions, and empowering and uplifting one another, opposed to competing. It’s refreshing, fulfilling, and fires me up to keep the door open for others who want to add to this collaboration of inspiration!


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